Image courtesy of dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.netOver 2000 people like you have experienced personal sessions and/or workshops to live a more balanced, meaningful and positive life. You can see live reviews and ratings on GoogleHere are some of the offline reviews:

It has been a great experience talking to you! One thing I like the most is that I don’t have to be careful as to what I say or how I talk. I am able to express myself freely to you. You understand me very well and I like the way you explain things to me. You have given me great advice and you always give me the motivation that I need. Thank you so much for your help!” 
– Shreya Chitlangia, 22, MBA Student, Singapore

Thank you so much ma’am for without you I would have never understood why my 7 year old daughter was suddenly acting up. I felt like I was failing as a mother. Your tips have not only helped me today but will guide me even in the future to understand my children better. My husband and I are very happy to have met you through the school’s referral. Thank you once again 🙂
– Moumita Banerjee, 28, Mother of two daughters, Kolkata

Your workshop on ‘Communication Skills and Positive Living’ was very successful in our school. It was very interactive and I saw some of my most quiet and shy students take part in the discussion. The humor you added through the ‘2 minute play’ really helped in breaking the ice. I would gladly recommend your workshops to my students.
– Shantanu Mahapatra, 44, Teacher, Contai

My daughter who has been very good in studies was suddenly losing interest in academics and getting distracted in school. I could see the wrong paths she was choosing and I was very scared of her future. Though I share a very friendly and open relationship with my daughter, she started hiding things from me and even started lying to me. It is such a delicate age that every parent gets concerned. I am really grateful to you for the advice you gave me. I followed them and saw many changes in my daughter. We have thankfully crossed that phase and have a beautiful relationship once again today. Sometimes even parents need some counseling!
– Seema Mehra, 40, Mother of a teenaged daughter, Kolkata

Ma’am, thank you so much. I was having a very difficult time adjusting to a new country especially after some incidents in my university. You helped me recognize my faulty thoughts and also helped me see how I exaggerated the demands some situations made of me. Today, I have friends in the university and I am doing very well in my class. None of this would have been possible without you. Thank you!
– Sujoy Ghosh, 26, PhD Student, USA

I loved your workshop! Now I have the ‘can do’ attitude and I will try to achieve all that I aim for. You have helped me boost my confidence. I have learnt that I can study as well as have fun everyday. I will definitely try and use your tips on goal-setting and manage my time better.
– Saloni Tulsyan, 16, Student, Kota

I never realized how small problems in my marriage slowly became so big that we both started considering divorce. I am glad my friend gave me your reference and we decided to give it a try. With your help my wife and I have come a long way and have started enjoying being together again. We still have a long way to go to save our marriage, but as you say, ‘there is always hope’. Thank you!
– Akash and Priyam Modi, 28 years, Kolkata

Having sessions with you every week has changed my perspective towards life. I was so unsatisfied and bitter with my life…but because of your support I have been able to change how I look at life. I am engaging myself with more positive activities now and I feel much happier. What more can I say? You are like my daughter, God bless you!
– Sanjay Chatterjee, 66, Retired, Kolkata

You are very approachable and the comfort you provide your clients with is probably your most amazing quality. It’s always so easy to talk to you without having to keep a check on what I say. You are very rational and unbiased, and that has helped me a lot to see my illogical reactions to situations. The ‘thought diary’ you ask to maintain is a huge task but it is totally worth it! Now I can see a ‘psychologist’ Tanvi within me who keeps a check on my negative and irrational thoughts :D.
– Tanvi Arora, 28 years, Lawyer, Delhi

We all need help sometimes to embrace changes. And when you do, you need an empathetic listener who understands you and helps you discover your path. Please browse through the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information or contact me for a consultation.

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