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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.netMental health is still in its nascent stage in India. While the field of psychology might evoke curiosity, most people “shrink” away from mental health professionals. A psychologist is often considered to be someone who can know in an instant as to what is going in an individual’s mind and someone who can “brainwash” individuals. Such attitude arises from a lack of awareness of what a psychologist’s training comprises of and what psychology is about. Chrysalys Newsletter is an attempt to break the myths about mental health and bridge the gap between mental health service providers and the common man. Every week you will be sent interesting news, articles and videos from established professionals. Just sign up and you will receive Chrysalys Newsletter every week spam-free!

We all need help sometimes to embrace changes. And when you do, you need an empathetic listener who understands you and helps you discover your path. Please browse through the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information or contact me for a consultation.

* Depression * Anxiety * Low self-esteem * Self-harm * Anger * Aggression * Sexual Assault * Physical Abuse * Emotional Abuse * Relationship Issues * Divorce * Family Conflict * Positive Living * Work-life Balance * Stress Management * Time Management * Procrastination * Goal Setting * Bullying * Peer Pressure * Dating * Sex Education * Exam Phobia * 

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